Luxembourg city: ​The Treasure of the Casemates


Luxembourg city: ​The Treasure of the Casemates


In the heart of winter 1684, Joseph Muller, a worker under the orders of the famous Vauban, made an unexpected discovery: a chest filled with gold during the construction of the fortress.

Living among his fellow workers, he knew he couldn't keep his precious treasure a secret for long. That's why he decided to hide it ingeniously.

To remember the location of the treasure and thwart the curiosity of the most astute, he scattered clues throughout the city.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans and Joseph Muller passed away before he could retrieve his loot. Since then, many adventurers have attempted to find this treasure, without success. But who knows?

Perhaps your perspicacity and cunning will allow you to solve this centuries-old mystery... Good luck on this captivating quest!

Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 3 km
Starting point: Place de la Constitution
Endpoint: Grund

Déieren erlaabt
Wheelchair accessible
Possibility of dining along the way


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