Plunge into the heart of an exceptional urban adventure combining discovery of the city and thrilling puzzles. With your family, friends or colleagues, overcome the challenges and collect points to win vouchers from our partners!

Ready to accept the mission?

Exciting smartphone treasure hunts for the whole family

Duration: 2 hours or at your own pace

How? Armed with your smartphone, conquer Luxembourg City’s hidden treasures.

What’s awaiting you?

  • A self-guided tour at your own pace.
  • Captivating puzzles to solve.
  • Interact with the main attractions.
  • Photographs to capture.
  • Fascinating anecdotes and local legends to discover.
  • Cool vouchers to win.

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable footwear
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Fully charged smartphone

Good to Know :

About our scavenger hunts

Behind Luxilux is the communication agency Mediation SA. Active for over 30 years in promoting Luxembourg for the B2B sector, the agency has been passionate about presenting the country’s riches in a fun and entertaining way for individuals.

Luxilux offers urban quests in various cities to discover Luxembourg differently with your smartphone. With the app, you are free to choose the right time to play, alone or as a team.

Through a geolocated route, answer questions and take on challenges that will allow you to earn points and give you access to discounts and gifts at partner establishments.

After paying, you will receive a link via SMS and email that will allow you to download the MooveGo app and access the chosen route. This code will only be valid once, on the day of your choice.

A game lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours. However, the time varies depending on the speed of your team.

To participate in our treasure hunts, you will need:

A charged smartphone
A 4G/5G connection
Active geolocation/GPS
To download the MooveGo app


In theory, everyone! Even though the riddles and challenges were initially designed for adults (young and old), you are entirely welcome to participate in our treasure hunts with your children.

Our treasure hunts don’t require you to be in Olympic shape, but they will involve covering a few kilometers. Depending on the city, the routes can be longer or shorter.

They are adapted for people with reduced mobility and for strollers. However, we cannot guarantee the condition of the roads at the time you will be participating.

There’s nothing preventing it, but it’s generally more fun to do it in a group. After all, isn’t it said that “unity is strength”?


We do not provide refunds, but we can exchange the ticket if necessary. To do so, simply send an email to our team at

Technical Assistance

Our treasure hunts take place without present staff. In case of a technical issue, you can send us an email at

If this happens, exit the MooveGo app and relaunch it.

Yes, you can skip it without a problem. You just won’t earn the dedicated points.

Uninstalling the MooveGo app will be of no use, as reinstalling it will end your game (the QR code is only valid once). In this case, you should contact our team at