​the appeal of your region

by offering unforgettable experiences with Luxilux!

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Discover your region in a fun and interactive way with Luxilux!

Are you a tourism professional looking for an innovative approach to promoting your region / city ?

Whether you are a touristic site, a municipality, a tourist office, or a tourism board, take advantage of our interactive treasure hunts to showcase your region in a new way.

By combining exploration of heritage, technology, and gamification, Luxilux aims to highlight the hidden treasures of Luxembourg and stimulate tourism, both national and international.

Enhance your visibility and attract a diverse audience by offering a unique and memorable experience.

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Luxilux in six key points

Why choose Luxilux to revitalize and enrich your tourism and cultural offerings?

We present six compelling reasons that will convince you of the attractiveness and effectiveness of our application.

Together, let’s bring our territories to life and offer unforgettable moments to visitors and residents.

​1) ​Valuing Local Heritage

Our treasure hunts help highlight the historical, cultural, and natural richness of the region, encouraging participants to explore both iconic and lesser-known sites.

​2) ​Touristic Attractiveness

​Luxilux contributes to boosting the tourism offer by providing a fun, educational, and immersive activity that appeals to a wide audience, from families to groups of friends, to businesses.

3) Adaptibility

​Our application offers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of elected officials and tourist offices. We can personalize our treasure hunts according to themes, events, or target audiences.

​4) ​Support for the Local Economy

By collaborating with local partners to offer discounts and gifts to participants, our treasure hunts encourage local consumption and support local businesses.

​5) ​Innovative Technology

By incorporating technologies such as geolocation and augmented reality, Luxilux positions the region at the forefront of innovation in tourism and entertainment.

​6) ​Long-term Promotion

Thanks to the digital aspect of our treasure hunts, elected officials and tourist offices have a sustainable and evolving promotional tool, which can be easily updated and adapted to future needs.

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